@camilacabello97  #CamilaPutYourBrazilShirtOn done. eu te amo

Camila + her dance moves

This is Why We’re Friends

Fifth Harmony + Beyoncé (Part I)

Camila + colors

@dinahjane97: Biggie X Smalls 

@camilacabello97: sometimes I wonder how artists play like 3 hours shows because sometimes when we play for an hour I get really hungry

make me choose:  asked - normani’s abs or dinah’s fingers

make me choose — anonymous asked you: one direction or fifth harmony

We determine our self-worth. Nobody else does or should. Let’s not be afraid to love ourselves. God made us all unique, beautiful and special. That’s a fact. We should believe it 

#AnythingIsPossible @FifthHarmony

#AnythingIsPossible @FifthHarmony